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Epic Character Builds - Wrathful Berserker

Created by Anuis a.k.a. Joey B.
Indispensable Edit Guy: Doug_G

Wrathful BerserkerThe burnished knights on their horses were being savaged by the club-wielding brute whose deep rumbling laugh frayed the nerves of even most stalwart. The creature stood more than twice the height of an average man wore foul-smelling leathers and an eye patch made of human skin. Its teeth had grown out and over its rubbery lips to form yellowed and broken daggers flecked with old blood and gristle. It smashes a company of cavalry attempting to release the pressure on a company of foot soldiers who had been scattered with a few great swings of that fire-hardened club. The soldiers fight back but are simply no match for this threat.

"Come beast, look upon doom!" The bloody valley shook with the power and resonance of this new voice. The giant turns at the sound, seeing a man of hard muscles and snaking blue tattoos step free from the forest. He wears a vicious black helmet of crude spikes and jagged metal. In his hands he swings an axe spotted with the blackish blood of the giant kind. He strides forward, like a rolling avalanche, batting away the giant's minions; his axe hewing a lethal path until he stands before the giant. The man lets out a mighty roar that shatters the brief quiet on the war field. The sound crashes upon the minions and sends them fleeing in a blind panic. The giant's heart grows faint at the sound, and drops its club to cover its ears. "May death take you!"

The Wrathful Berserker cut deep into the cowering figure before him.

The theme of this build is to make the best use of terrifying rage. The Wrathful Berserker then follows up his rage effect with liberal use of devastating criticals against those who are terrified. Nothing can withstand this particular build except those who have high saves against the fear effect of the rage.

Once a victim is terrified, they cannot defend themselves against the blows of the berserker's axe. Even without the devastating critical, the damage is still enough to hurt most creatures for the duration of the effect. The damage can be even higher if traveling in a group of clerics, wizards, and/or sorcerers who can supplement or enhance the Berserker's efforts. The Wrathful Berserker's weapon preference is the great axe, and he is a true embodiment of fear.

In terms of items, he should equip heavy armor type; full plate is preferred along with the great axe. Other items really don't matter since this build is made to not to rely on any stat boosters, but if that is wanted, anything with CON and STR and/or CHA boost is best to use. If you are going to encounter a creature that is powerful, such as a boss monster on the server, you will need to get items that will heal you.

Wrathful Berserker

Barbarian: 32
Fighter: 8
Race: Human
Alignment: True Neutral

Starting Stats
Str: 16
Dex: 15
Con: 15
Int: 10
Wis: 10
Cha: 8

Final Stats
Str: 28
Dex: 15
Con: 16
Int: 10
Wis: 10
Cha: 8

Final Skills
Discipline: 43
Intimidate: 43
Taunt: 43
Tumble: 21

Full Plate
Wrathful Berserker's Advantages

High HP
Can easily defeat anyone with his Devastating Critical whenever they fail their saving throws against the fear effect of Terrifying Rage; even with saves they will still have to overcome Devastating Critical
Barbarian Speed

Secondary Advantages

Can reduce the creature's AC using Taunt skills that have been maximized
High Discipline
Thundering Rage
Paladins or Blackguard can't use their smite evil/good
Sneaking characters cannot avoid the terrifying rage effect; once the saves are failed, the berserker will know where they are

Wrathful Berserker's Disadvantages

Low saves
Low AC

Secondary Disadvantages

Cannot fight dragons due to the fear aura (this can be avoided if someone in the party casts any spells that makes him immune to fear effects)
Cannot see any sneaking creatures/characters (can be avoided, look above)

Character Advancement History

Following is the path of the Wrathful Berserker during the first forty levels of his life.

Character LevelClassSkill IncreasesFeat SelectionAttribute Increase
1Fighter4 DisciplineDodge, Mobility, Toughness
2Fighter1 DisciplinePower Attack
3Barbarian1 Discipline,Cleave
4Barbarian1 Discipline, 1 IntimidateCON
5Barbarian1 Discipline, 1 Intimidate
6Barbarian1 Discipline, 1 IntimidateGreat Cleave
7Barbarian1 Discipline, 1 Intimidate
8Barbarian1 Discipline, 1 IntimidateSTR
9Barbarian1 Discipline, 1 IntimidateImproved Critical(Greataxe)
10Fighter1 Discipline
11Barbarian1 Discipline, 2 Intimidate
12Barbarian1 Discipline, 1 IntimidateWeapon Focus(Greataxe)STR
13Barbarian1 Discipline, 1 Intimidate
14Barbarian1 Discipline, 1 Intimidate
15Fighter1 DisciplineWeapon Specialization (Greataxe), Knockdown
16Barbarian1 Discipline, 2 IntimidateSTR
17Barbarian1 Discipline, 2 Intimidate
18Barbarian1 Discipline, 2 IntimidateIron Will
19Barbarian1 Discipline, 2 Intimidate
20Fighter1 DisciplineSTR
21Fighter1 DisciplineEpic Weapon Focus(Greataxe), Epic Weapon Specialization(Greataxe)
22Barbarian1 Discipline, 3 Intimidate
23Barbarian1 Discipline, 1 Intimidate
24Fighter1 DisciplineImproved Power AttackSTR
25Fighter1 DisciplineEpic Prowess
26Barbarian1 Discipline, 3 Intimidate
27Barbarian1 Discipline, 1 IntimidateTerrifying Rage
28Barbarian1 Discipline, 1 IntimidateSTR
29Barbarian1 Discipline, 1 Intimidate
30Barbarian1 Discipline, 1 IntimidateGreat Strength I
31Barbarian1 Discipline, 1 Intimidate
32Barbarian1 Discipline, 1 IntimidateOverwhelming Critical(Greataxe)STR
33Barbarian1 Discipline, 1 IntimidateGreat Strength II
34Barbarian1 Discipline, 1 Intimidate
35Barbarian1 Discipline, 1 Intimidate
36Barbarian1 Discipline, 1 IntimidateDevastating Critical (Greataxe), Thundering RageSTR
37Barbarian1 Discipline, 1 Intimidate
38Barbarian1 Discipline, 1 Intimidate
39Barbarian1 Discipline, 1 IntimidateGreat Strength III
40Barbarian1 Discipline, 1 IntimidateEpic Toughness ISTR
  • Indicates this selection can be changed without affecting the integrity of the overall build.
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