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Nordball World Cup

The Victorian Nordock Nordball Association (VNNA) is proud to annouce the upcoming Nordball World Cup (NWC). The non-elimination round for the NWC will commence on the 11th June, with the Grandfinal to be held on or around the 11th July.

The NWC will commence with a series of non-elimination matches, with teams scoring either 3 points for a win or 1 point for a draw.

The 4 teams with the highest point score at the end of the non-elimination matches will progress to the finals, with the winners of the 2 finals playing in a Grandfinal for the prestigious title of Nordball World Cup Champions!

1. Each match will run for a duration of 10 minutes.
2. Teams will consist of 2 players.
3. Characters must be levels 1 to 20.
4. Characters with 3 Monk levels or more can play either with a shield or without haste.
5. All matches will be PvP.
6. No ranged weapons will be permitted.
7. Spells will be allowed for buffing purposes only. No offensive spells.
8. No weapons with "wounding" property permitted.
9. No Persistent Area of Effect Spells, No Timestop, No Heal Potions or Kits will be permitted.
10. No familiars or spawns.

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