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Mercenary Guild

Storm clouds are brewing on the Nordock horizon. Talk of war and guild armies massing once again fills the taverns and city streets.
Smoke plumes billow from the crafting halls as the forge fires of guild blacksmiths burn through the night. War is coming to Nordock.

Soldiers from across the lands are flocking to the banners of the guild houses, hoping to share in their victories and gain both power and glory for themselves and their guild. But not all soldiers chose to align themselves with a guild. With war comes risk, but also great opportunity, especially for a skilled swordsperson or spellcaster.

The ruling guilds - and those that would be - have relied upon the might of their champions to ensure their dominance.
However, many great and small guilds alike have faced a common problem - quality, loyal soldiers can be rather hard to come by.
Be it due to a lack of experienced warriors, a lack of available members, or a lack of inclination among the members to support the guild's position.
Thus, the Mercenary Guild was born.

The rules laid down by the Elders that govern the Guild Wars are specific, and the times laid down for conflicts between guilds are unwavering.
The Mercenary Guild will provide (for a fee) skilled and able soldiers to the Guilds should they find themselves unable to field a full strength team at the time of their scheduled engagement.

Soldiers of any class, race and level of experience are welcome to apply for membership in the Mercenary Guild.
Applications can be made through Captain Moergen of the Nordock Mercenary Guild.
Guild meetings will be conducting in the Mulrok South - Gateway Tavern prior to commencement of the Guild Wars.

All guild members will be expected to fully observe the Mercenary Code. Failure to do so will result in heavy fines and/or permanent expulsion from the guild. Gross violations can result in a guild contract being placed upon the offender.

The Mercenary Code
1. I am a professional soldier. My equipment and comportment shall reflect this.
2. I shall uphold my contract and perform my duties to the best of my ability.
3. I shall not betray my employer.
4. If my employer betrays me, I shall seek redress through the Guild.

"My sword is my honour. Let it strike true."

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