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Capture the Fort

  • Capture The Fort (Dummy Bash) Event. Shout for ports!
  • Last Calls!
  • Event Closed!
  • Uber Items with Devastating Critical?
  • Devastating Critical?
  • Dragon shapes?
  • Uber items?
  • 35+?
  • Please click your coach pillar of light to join your team.
  • Party up please and set dislikes (using the p button then making everyone who is neutral, hostile)
  • Standard Dummy Bash. First team to destroy all the dummies in the other teams fort wins!
  • You destroy dummies by right clicking on them and choosing "bash" or targeting them with spells.
  • No Persistent Area of Effect Spells (such as Darkness, Grease, Storm of Vengence, Blade Barrier), No Timestop, No Heal Potions or Kits, No Death Magic/Harm/Heal/Death Arrows on dummies.
  • No Disarm. No True sight unless you can cast it. If you can cast it you can only cast it on yourself.
  • Hold Spells are OK, just shout or send tell for a quick death if you get stuck.
  • If you die click "respawn". You can re-enter the event via the portal in the respawn area. If you need to rest, click on one of the cots in the rest area to rest.
  • Red enter, but wait in your fort.
  • Blue enter, and wait in your fort.
  • Make sure you set your dislikes before you attack by pressing the p button then making everyone who is neutral, hostile.
  • If you do not wish to engage in PvP please level behind the flames so that people know not to attack you.

King of the Hill

  • King of the Hill Event! Shout for ports!
  • The event will run for 10 minutes. When the time stops, the team with the most players on the square at the top of the hill wins the event!

Hostage Rescue Event

  • Hostage Rescue Event. Shout for ports! The aim of the game is to rescue all 6 hostages from your opponents fort.
  • Red needs to rescue 6 Abigails from the Blue fort.
  • Blue needs to rescue 6 Brocks from the red fort.
  • To rescue the hostage you must first talk to them, invite them to join you, lead them slowly out of the fort and back to your fort.
  • A hostage is considered rescued once they are back inside you fort.
  • Hostages can not be killed, they are set to immortal.
  • Once they are safe in your fort, talk to the hostage and release them, so you can go back for another.
  • You are only to talk to the hostages you are trying to rescue. Do not talk to the hostages in your own fort.

Siege Event

  • Siege Event. Shout for ports!
  • Red are defenders and must protect the NPC king in the castle and kill the attackers
  • Blue are attackers and need to break through the gate and kill the king in the castle in under 10 minutes.

Russian Roulette

  • Shout for ports to a game of Russian Roulette. First place 3 levels, second place 2 levels, third place 1 level...everyone else gets a free return trip to Fugue.
  • For those who havent played one of these before, this is a Russian Roulette.
  • You will each take turns to stand, use the handbow (by right clicking it then selecting use) then hopefully return to your seat.
  • Every use you survive will earn you 25k gp, however a chance it will kill you.
  • If you die, you are out of the game. I will rez you back here, but you will lose 2% of your xp like a normal ressurection.
  • If you live long enough to be one of the final 3 surviving players you will earn either 1, 2, or 3 levels for your efforts.
  • Those are the rules. Play if you dare.


  • Ship-To-Ship PvP Event. Shout for ports! This is a non-melee event, as you can only attack using spells, bows, or one person per team can use the ships catapult.
  • I'll port each team to their ship. No attacking or using the catapults until I say "Go".

PvP Maze Event

  • PvP Maze Event. Shout for ports! Winning team will be the team with the last members left alive.
  • You are allowed 1 life. Die twice and you are out.

Luck Dip Event

  • Luck Dip Event. Shout for ports! Please take a seat in the front row once you arrive.
  • Each person will take a turn to stand, loot a chest and return to their seat.
  • Once you have looted a chest please bash it to destroy it.
  • If you find any of the major prizes please take a seat in the back row to give others a chance to win a major prize.


  • Nordball Match! Shout for ports! No Bows. Characters with 3 Monk levels or more can play either with a shield or without haste.
  • I'll sort everyone into two teams.
  • Uber Items with Devastating Critical?
  • Devastating Critical?
  • Dragon shapes?
  • Uber items?
  • 35+?
  • Party up please and set dislikes (using the p button then making everyone who is neutral, hostile)
  • The aim of the game is to score as many goals as possible with the time limit of 15 minutes. You score goals by hitting the Nordball into the goals at each end of the field.
  • Red must hit the ball into the blue goal. Blue must hit the ball into the red goal.
  • You hit the ball by left clicking it. When you hit the ball, the ball will move in the direction you were facing when you hit the ball.
  • When the ball goes in the goal it will shout the score and then port back to the middle of the field. Please let the team who had the goal scored against them start off again.
  • When the ball goes out the ball will shout which teams turn it is to hit the ball. Please stop hitting the ball and move away from it to allow that team to restart the game.
  • Since this is a PvP map, when you die you will be ported to a respawn section of the map, you can re-enter the game by running along the top of the map and re-entering via the yellow portal.
  • When you re-enter the game you will re-appear behind your teams goal.
  • I need one player from each team to use their emote wand to roll a d100 to see which team kicks off.
  • Take to the field please and wait for my call.
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