Hello and welcome to Victorian Nordock. A persistant world utilizing the incredible game from Bioware, Neverwinter's Night, and as a base Richterm's Nordock module. Over the past two years the module has undergone a LOT of face lifts and some fun inclusions. The server enjoys a solid community base and a friendly open environment. Anyone wishing to have some fun and emerse themselves into this little corner of the net is more than welcome to cop a squat and kick back over a quiet Dwarven Ale.

Vic Nordock has a long and colorful history dating back to early 2005. Since then it has undergone many face lifts though player input. What we now have is a fairly heavily modified Nordock server that has some fairly liberal rules (basically no Item Level Restrictions). Whilst powerleveling is NOT what this server is about it is not hard to gain experience quickly and make some great friends along the way adventuring throughout the lands.

Since those early years we have developed into a very warm and friendly place to come and relax where sometimes it is almost more like a chat room than a game server. Whilst I don't believe we can be categorized as a server (ie action, RP, arena) most who come here enjoy the balance of adventure, DM run events [PvP/PvM] and the occasional RP.

In general if you respect your fellow players and the server you will always be welcome here.

By playing on this server you have read and agreed to abide by the following rules:

1. Forum etiquette - Basic minimum level of courtesy.

2. NEW Server Guidelines
- Rules governing situational play (Do s and don't s).
- These are available in your "Players Journal."

You can find our server by selecting "Multiplayer", then "Join Internet Game" then "Direct Connect" and enter the server IP and port:

Be safe and have fun. It's a game after all.

- Shai

Christmas/New Year wishes
Written by Shai   
Monday, 26 December 2011 23:51

Just wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone in the greater community a wonderful Xmas and New Year.  Remember to be careful on the roads and please stay safe.

For those taking a holiday we look forward to seeing you back in the New Year and we hope you enjoy the massive updates occuring during this period.  Lots of new additions and surprises for those hard adventurers who will now need to be even more prepared for any eventuation .....   :-)

So on behalf of the team at Victorian Nordock.   Stay safe and be good (or at least don't get caught being naughty.....)


Last Updated on Monday, 23 January 2012 15:14
Strongest in Nordock Competition
Written by Arithon Moergen   
Tuesday, 24 May 2011 01:26

We had the final for the Strongest in Nordock competition on Sunday night.

Congratulations to Warwp with his character Zarn Evra on winning what was undoubtedly the closest tournament final we have had in a long time. Zarn Evra destroyed 6 dummies in a time of 2:00 to claim the throne.

Thanks to all who participated in the final and the heats. The tournament saw 22 different competitors with 7 characters breaking the 2 minute barrier.

Click here to check out the full video replay of the final

Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 May 2011 03:15
Screen Shot Competition
Written by Shai   
Monday, 18 April 2011 00:02

As discussed on the forum:  Quests and Events Section

I am after shots for the following 3 categories:
(See above link of an example in the announcement)
a) Combat - an action shot.
b) Atmospheric - spooky, beautiful or just plain freaky.
c) Comedy - Ever seen a player floating in mid-air?

Rules below:
1. Screen shot MUST be sent to my email address (see signature) with your account and character details.
2. You can send up to 5 shots for each division (per player)
3. There will be 3 prizes - each a unique item not available in game and will only be given to the character that "snapped" the screen shot.
4. DM's can enter but will not gain a prize.
5. No tweaking of the image (photoshop, gimp, etc)
6. Judging will be done by the DM team (they cannot vote for themselves - see Rule 4)

So get out your digital digital (excuse the pun) camera's and get to work.


PS One hint. Sometimes the camera angle of the screen shot can make all the difference.

Below are some examples of the three Sections that are being contested.




Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 April 2011 02:52
Updates Galore !
Written by Shai   
Thursday, 06 January 2011 05:21

Three solid months of updates have seen some fantastic changes.

When you jump on don't forget to check the Gateway sign for some more details, and make sure you stop by Mulrok and enjoy they scenery of the NEW Underdark.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 April 2011 02:44

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