Hello and welcome to Victorian Nordock. A persistant world utilizing the incredible game from Bioware, Neverwinter's Night, and as a base Richtem's Nordock module. Over the past two years the module has undergone a LOT of face lifts and some fun inclusions. The server enjoys a solid community base and a friendly open enviroment. Anyone wishing to have some fun and emerse themselves into this little corner of the net is more than welcome to cop a squat and kick back over a quiet Dwaven Ale.

Vic Nordock has a long and colorful history dating back to early 2005. Since then it has undergone many face lifts though player input. What we now have is a fairly heavily modified Nordock server that has some fairly liberal rules (basically no Item Level Restrictions). Whilst powerleveling is NOT what this server is about it is not hard to gain experience quickly and make some great friends along the way adventuring throughout the lands.

Since those early years we have developed into a very warm and friendly place to come and relax where sometimes it is almost more like a chat room than a game server. Whilst I don't believe we can be categorized as a server (ie action, RP, arena) most that come here enjoy the balance of adventure, DM run events [PvP/PvM] and the occasional RP.

In general if you respect your fellow players and the server you will always be welcome here.

By playing on this server you have read and agreed to abide by the following rules:

1. Forum etiquette - Basic minimum level of courtesy.

2. NEW Server Guildelines
- Rules governing situational play (Do s and don't s).
- These are available in your "Players Journal."

Be safe and have fun. It's a game after all.

- Shai


Blackheart's Treasure - Weekend Deity Quest
Written by Arithon Moergen   
Saturday, 30 May 2015 14:31

"Long ago the Pirate Blackheart stole the Silver Chalice of Moonbow. Rumour has it Blackheart buried his treasure on Mulrok Island, cut the map into four pieces, and stored each piece on a ship in his fleet. Alas, when a great storm caught Blackheart off Mulrok Island and his fleet was sunk, all was thought lost. But we have now received word that during a recent storm several shipwrecks have been washed up around the Mulrok lagoon. If you can find the four parts of the map, you can find Blackheart's treasure and return the Silver Chalice."
(This weekends Deity Quest will require a character level 31 to 35 to obtain the quest)

Last Updated on Saturday, 30 May 2015 14:40
The Eye of the Beholder - Weekend Deity Quest
Written by Arithon Moergen   
Saturday, 23 May 2015 13:29

"Beyond a city long lost to chaos, through a wood filled with wurms, is a realm few dare to tread. Within this realm are two masters, both of whom must be seen dead."
(This weekends Deity Quest will require a solo level 40 or a level 36 to 40 party to obtain the quest)

Fishing Tournament
Written by Arithon Moergen   
Thursday, 21 May 2015 13:18

The first ever Victorian Nordock Fishing Tournament will take place June 14, 9 pm AEST (GMT +10).

Characters of all classes and levels are welcome to enter. There will be no restrictions on builds or items carried.

The tournament will commence at Mulrok dock, where players will be required to use the fishing rack there before they commence the event.

Entrants will then be given one hour to catch as many fish as they can. At the end of the hour, all entrants will be ported back to the Mulrok dock, where we will do the weigh-in.

The player who earns the most gold from their catch will win the tournament and be proclaimed "Fishing Master of Nordock!"

There will also be a prize for the player with the most valuable fish.

So get our your rods, sharpen your hooks and prepare your bait for a tournament unlike anything seen in Nordock before!

Last Updated on Thursday, 21 May 2015 22:28
Smaug the Magnificent - Weekend Deity Quest
Written by Arithon Moergen   
Saturday, 16 May 2015 12:47

"You see a bleak forest filled with half-orcs. But deep in the forest is a place even the half-orcs fear to tread. Here lurks a truly terrifying beast, a beast you must face and destroy."
(This weekends Deity Quest will require a character level 36 to 40 to obtain the quest)

Clash of the Titans - Weekend Deity Quest
Written by Arithon Moergen   
Saturday, 09 May 2015 14:38

You stand upon the walls of a mighty castle. From the ocean rises an army of automations. They pour over the walls, sweeping all before them. Now nothing lives or breathes in the castle, but things still move. A humming comes from within the castle, a humming that seems to be growing louder. It must be stopped.
(This weekends Deity Quest will require a solo level 40 or a level 36 to 40 party to obtain the quest)


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