Hello and welcome to Victorian Nordock. A persistant world utilizing the incredible game from Bioware, Neverwinter's Night, and as a base Richtem's Nordock module. Over the past two years the module has undergone a LOT of face lifts and some fun inclusions. The server enjoys a solid community base and a friendly open enviroment. Anyone wishing to have some fun and emerse themselves into this little corner of the net is more than welcome to cop a squat and kick back over a quiet Dwaven Ale.

Vic Nordock has a long and colorful history dating back to early 2005. Since then it has undergone many face lifts though player input. What we now have is a fairly heavily modified Nordock server that has some fairly liberal rules (basically no Item Level Restrictions). Whilst powerleveling is NOT what this server is about it is not hard to gain experience quickly and make some great friends along the way adventuring throughout the lands.

Since those early years we have developed into a very warm and friendly place to come and relax where sometimes it is almost more like a chat room than a game server. Whilst I don't believe we can be categorized as a server (ie action, RP, arena) most that come here enjoy the balance of adventure, DM run events [PvP/PvM] and the occasional RP.

In general if you respect your fellow players and the server you will always be welcome here.

By playing on this server you have read and agreed to abide by the following rules:

1. Forum etiquette - Basic minimum level of courtesy.

2. NEW Server Guildelines
- Rules governing situational play (Do s and don't s).
- These are available in your "Players Journal."

Be safe and have fun. It's a game after all.

- Shai


The final for the Strongest in Nordock will be held on Sunday 2nd August at 10pm Sydney time.
Written by Mike   
Sunday, 26 July 2015 15:40

The players with the 8 fastest qualifying times (present on the night) will be able to compete for the title of "Strongest in Nordock"!

The Strongest in Nordock Tournament - Event Countdown

If you haven't been able to participate in a heat (qualifier) yet, send a PM to Arithon or myself either here on the forum, or on facebook, and we'll help you out!
You can also request a heat ingame next time either of us is online!

Into the Planes - Weekend Deity Quest
Written by Arithon Moergen   
Saturday, 25 July 2015 12:40

"In the Valley of Blight lies a cave. It is said through this cave one can gain access to the Planes. You must find a way into the Planar Lands, face their many trials and return."
(This weekends Deity Quest will require a solo level 40 or a level 36 to 40 party to obtain the quest)

Winter is Coming - Weekend Deity Quest
Written by Arithon Moergen   
Saturday, 18 July 2015 13:54

"Far into the frozen lands north of Benzor lies the lair of the mighty Zanamex. Long has he ruled the Northern Lands with his icy heart. This reign must end."
(This weekends Deity Quest will require a character level 36 to 40 to obtain the quest)

Witch of the Sea - Weekend Deity Quest
Written by Arithon Moergen   
Saturday, 11 July 2015 13:32

"Beyond the horizon you must travel, to an island known only by some. There, through the jaws of death, you will find a legend feared by all who sail the seas of Nordock."
(This weekends Deity Quest will require a character level 31 to 40 to obtain the quest)

Victorian Nordock - Strongest in Nordock 2015
Written by Arithon Moergen   
Monday, 06 July 2015 07:49

Once more the champions of Nordock are called forth to challenge for the title of the Strongest in Nordock!

Qualifiers will commence this week and run for the next 4 weeks. At the end of that time, the highest ranked players will compete in a final to see who will be crowned the Strongest in Nordock.

The contest will consist of each player racing to destroy a line up of 4 combat dummies in the fastest time possible.

The rules for this contest are:
1. No Epic, Uber, Old school, or Enhanced items (with the exception of the fire giant belt since this can be looted).
2. Any buffs (by spell or item or ability, etc) are allowed after the "go".
3. No Shifted Forms
4. Only melee attacks on the dummies

All are welcome to compete in this contest, with the winner gaining their place in history as the "Strongest in Nordock" (See the big statue in the gateway - front and center).

The last tournament saw 23 different competitors with 9 characters breaking the 2 minute barrier.

Check out the video below for a full replay of the 2012 final.


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